Colorectal Cancer Urine Test Fine-Tunes & Simplifies Earlier Disease Detection

Colorectal Cancer, Tests And ProceduresOn May 12, 2011 at 12:05 am

A Canadian-make urine test seems to be capable of spotting the indications of colorectal cancer in its early stages & might in due course invalidate the need for undergoing unappealing screening techniques.

The urine test is reliant on a process called as ‘metabolomics’ that involves analyzing the chemical finger prints remnant from the body’s cellular processes – in this scenario – the alterations of healthy cells into malignant ones.

The test spots cancerous cell wastes whose excretion into urine occurs by smallish tumor or polyp growths. In case the urine test does prove to be precise, scientists Doctor R. Fedorak from Univ. of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine & associates are hopeful that it can imminently amend the manner in which patient populace undergoes screening for colorectal cancer & possibly also other forms of cancer.

One of the survivors of colorectal cancer, Paul Sharp underwent a colonoscopy 8 months after his dad died from colorectal cancer. The doctors diagnosed him with cancer & he underwent surgery 4 days after. Paul is presently one of the more than 1200 patients who’ve been part of urine sample donations done for assisting Univ. of Alberta physicians to devise what can be the easiest screening technique for this lethal form of cancer.

Fedorak & associates have make public the details of their trial that looks into 354 individuals in good health with regular colonoscopy offering urine samples along with 110 individuals with benignant, hyperplastic colon polyps that generally don’t turn malignant & 243 patients having adenomatous polyps that are deemed pre-malignant growth which have the potential to turn malignant.

The urine laboratory test has an over eighty percent efficacy at detecting the existent cancer along with pre-malignant growths, a success rate which has delighted the research team.

Fellow scientist Doctor H. Wang ecstatically stated that if they could spot the development of  cancer at such preliminary staging they could avert or treat it prior it becoming too late.

Several states are already offering patients in their fifties a fecal occult blood test which checks for any traces of bloody presence in stools & necessitates patients in testing their feces from home using a testing kit. Lesser than twenty percent of individuals provided this test used it & solely spots cancer in around thirty percent of the times.

A trouble-free, easier & perhaps far precise urine test may encourage increasing numbers of patients to undergo checking. In this manner when patients are coming in, if they show greater compliance & willingness for doing the test, then more lives could be salvaged since the screening process is simplified for them.

This urine test likely would not be replacing colonoscopy that are yet deemed the perfect test for colorectal cancer, though it can definitely assist physicians in deciding who must undergo the more-invasive testing for finding patients prior to their cancer growing & spreading.

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