Gentle Yoga Poses for Breast Cancer

Breast CancerOn May 18, 2011 at 3:23 am

Being diagnosed with breast cancer & completing the therapy is merely part of the war won. Subsequently, navigating the jerky waters of cancer survivorships lay the next big challenge. This is where yoga reigns supreme as its heedfulness training & deep breathing might aid in regulating the PSNS activity& the hypothalamus – adrenal gland – pituitary gland axis. Hence, as a result several people who survived cancer & practiced yoga sensed a general betterment in their health & symptoms.

The ACS too recommends exercise for females identified with breast cancer & have undergone breast surgery. Week-by-week exercise could even enhance survival prospects for breast cancer patients. Yoga is a useful exercise form which has established advantages for females who received metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. Regularly following a yoga routine might assist breast cancer patients in lessening pains & weariness, enhancing their capability of relaxation & promoting a sense of acceptance & rejuvenation. Moreover, particular gentle yoga poses which would be loosening, stretching & strengthening their shoulders particularly post-surgery like the eagle pose or upwards salutation could benefit those surviving breast cancers. Women who’ve lately undergone a lumpectomy must commence their yoga program in a slow manner since they might experience a restricted range of movement in their trunk & shoulders.

Those who survived breast cancer & are recovering from surgery might require rehabilitating their shoulders for which they need to learn about the array of motions in the pectoral girdle. For instance, experience what the feeling is when one’s shoulders are shrugged towards one’s ears – an e.g. of elevation. Similarly, medial rotation is when one rotates one’s humerus (arm bone) within. Lateral rotation is rotating the humerus superficially. Comprehending such motions would permit one is more effectually modifying yoga postures.

Upwards praying (Urdhva Namaskarasana) pose is highly recommended gentle yoga pose wherein one learns ways of elevating one’s pectoral girdle & the manner in which the upper humerus is to be externally rotated.

The cow-face pose (Gomukhasana) must also be considered which integrates the motion of elevation, interior plus exterior rotations of the arms.

Extended Balasana (child’s pose) for opening the area close to the underarms is advisable. One could even try practicing the Mountain Pose for working the trunk area whilst one stands erect. Fingers are to be interlaced behind one’s back into an extension. One must, in a careful manner, lift one’s arms away from one’s butts and press the scapulas together. Such a pose would facilitate releasing the frontal trunk muscles. For women who are in a position to attempt strengthening poses can start practicing the Warrior or Triangle Pose – which necessitate one is holding one’s arms out direct against gravity.

Other Recommendations


The musculus pectoralis located around the breasts are reaching up till the neck. While one is healing from breast cancer surgical procedure, the recuperating muscles when pulled could be causal to tensions & pains in the neck.

  • Begin lying down supine on a mat with knees bended, deploying a rolled towel underneath the neck for providing comfort.
  • Jaws are to be relaxed.
  • With backside of head remaining on the carpet, gradually drawing 5 to ten loops mid-air using one’s nose & then reversing direction.
  • Moving in a slow manner & breathing as one moves.
  • Avoid forcing the array of movement as it would be increasing as one keeps practicing.

Arms & Shoulders

  • This exercise is ideal for breast cancer survivors experiencing restricted range of movement in their afflicted arm post-surgery.
  • Try the ‘stir-the-broth’ movement for regaining mobility.
  • Whilst one stands, leaning one’s torso forwards so that one’s afflicted arm is dangling down.
  • Using the other arm for stabilizing oneself.
  • Drawing 5 to ten gently done spheres using the dangled arm, permitting gravity to facilitate the pull on one’s arm & then reversing direction.
  • Also doing the same on the other hand.
  • Doing this thrice daily.
  • Over a period of time, slowly increasing the size of the spheres for continually stretching the scar tissues from surgical intervention.

Spinal Area

  • Cat cow pose helps in gently opening the trunk & enhancing motion in the upper back.
  • Kneeling on both your hands as well as feet, arching mid-back & upper-back towards the roof, permitting the head is easily dangling down.
  • Inhaling into the upper back encourages it in loosening up.
  • Subsequent to 3-5 breaths in this pose, reversing the spinal curvature.
  • Looking forwards as one drops one’s belly button downwards.
  • Permit the shoulders in dropping away from one’s ears, in a gentle yoga manner stretch the trunk with every breath.
  • Doing five reps.
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